1st of May 2013 - 100% Cotton, FR?

A question and common notion we get a lot is if a pure 100% cotton garment is flame retardant. Unfortunately for the wearer this is not the case. While a heavy cotton garment does protect better than a Polyester or Nylon / Cotton blend, it will eventually melt and burn unless treated with an FR coating.

Even then an inherently flame retardant fabric, a fabric made of flame resistant fibers, will protect more effectively as it’ll greatly reduce the amount of heat/joule transferred to the wearer’s skin and doesn't washout the FR protection.

All FR garments by Applied Orange are made of inherently flame retardant fabrics.

25th of April 2013 - UBAX and Boonie in PenCott GreenZone

We're proud to present the first non-flame retardant products in our lineup. These are in PenCott GreenZone camouflage and available via our partner webstore at ao-store.com.

More information and pictures to be found on Hyde Definition.

16th of April 2013 - FR-UBAX in A-TACS AU release

Today we are completing our lineup of FR A-ATACS combat shirts with the release of the AU version. It features a full high-end flame retardant blend of fabrics based on Ten Cate Defender M (tm).

The Applied Orange PE A-TACS lineup is designed to provide the best possible clothing solution for the professional A-TACS user. Features the worlds most elite fabrics for the worlds elite units.

The A-TACS AU shirts are fielded in various European SF units.

11th of March 2013 - Royal Marechaussee at Amsterdam Airport

This NCO is featuring an Applied Orange FR-UBAX International shirt in full law-enforcement blue with matching FR ripstop AO-GVT trousers.

Photoshoot and copyright by Dutch Defence Press

1st of February 2013 - Gear Point dutch agent for Applied Orange Performance Equipment

Applied Orange PE announces a co-operation with Gear Point / Gear for Professionals in the Netherlands for the sale and distribution in the Netherlands.

Gearpoint will stock all products in their store at the Siliciumweg 26 in Amersfoort, the Netherlands. They will be able to assist you with our ready-made line and bespoke services.

14th of Januari 2013 - XpertTactical appointed UK agent for AO PE

About XpertTactical

Xpert Tactical is a UK based Importer, Distributor and Retailer of Elite Tactical Equipment. We specialise in procurement and can fulfil bespoke and unique requirements, whatever your specialist need. We endeavour to provide a high level of professional service to our clients utilising our extensive experience and knowledge in this field. Our clients include Military, Police and PSD Tactical teams.

Please contact them for all sales and dealer equiries for the United Kingdom.


We are proud to present that we are the first manufacturer to produce a flame retardant combat shirt in FG & AU A-TACS® camouflage.

Now for sale via our resellers.