Necessity feeds the need to create and improve. The field of military and professional gear and garments is subject to constant change and improvement. Work and operating environments are ever more diverse and demanding, stretching internal r&d and supply processes.

It is our experience that standard issue items are often too universal and/or not available in sufficient quantity to be a "standard" for every man in the field.

We believe high risk environments need adapted solutions to support the wearer performing optimally. Environments we specifically design for:

  • Maritime and amphibious
  • Jungle
  • Desert
  • Forrest
  • Vehicle mounted
  • Urban
  • Arctic and cold-weather
  • FR / Flash fire protection

Our products have their roots in real world demand. Primary focus lays on value added practical usability. We take it as our duty to make sure each product is durable, ergonomic and comfortable to wear. You can find and rely on these characteristics in every single one of our products.

Along with making sure the highest quality is guaranteed, we make sure our products contain only A-grade European and North-American made parts and fabrics.